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"A novel that will get to your heart."


Three women, a mystery and a power they could never have imagined.


Assia, a frivolous European journalist, finds herself compelled to travel to India in search of the love of her life, who has mysteriously vanished. There she will find a country in turmoil because Sonia Gandhi, an Italian woman, is standing for the forthcoming election, and also because of a series of tragic murders which are disturbing the delicate balance of women’s lives.


Her life will change for ever when she meets Amrita, a shy Indian servant girl, ready to kill her baby, and Devyani, an arrogant designer of luxury saris who has a secret to forget and an act of revenge to carry out. 

Will they be capable together of overcoming their deepest fears and bringing forth the powerful feminine energy SHAKTI which the sacred Indian scriptures speak about, in order to make their dreams come true and help hundreds of baby girls in India?

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"#Shakti is very cinemotographic... It´s a beautiful novel."

Ex-chief editor of VOGUE and ELLE MAGAZINE


A novel of love, mystery and social report, full of glamour, exoticism and mythology, which draws us into India’s most recent history.

"In its pages glamour, exoticism, mythology and the great characters of India’s present-day history form a perfect conjunction"



My Books

Carla de la Vega

Writer, journalist and inveterate traveler, who lived in New Delhi for over two years and has travelled to India on numerous occasions. Her first book, En el Harén de Estambul, the true stories of four women in Turkey, was an Amazon Travel bestseller in 2015.

Carla has been a CNN reporter and regular contributor to other respected print and broadcasting media including El Mundo, Mujer Hoy and Vision Magazine from Turkey, India, Singapore, Dubai and Italy, countries where she has lived during the past seventeen years. She is passionate about ensuring through her books, articles, and many appearances on television (including Televisión Española, Antena 3, Telecinco and La Sexta) that women’s voices reach as far as possible.

«I warn you, you will be part of the end of this novel. In fact, you too will be the protagonist. So get ready and smile. Because this story will only come to an end when you have your picture taken. Yes, that’s right, a picture.».

"Carla de la Vega displays here all her knowledge of the Eastern World."




It’s a beautiful read, which breathes a great deal of positive energy and an urge to fight like tigresses for what we feel to be just and necessary.



The two books by Carla I have read have touched my soul deeply, and this one in particular has made me open my eyes and value myself as a woman in my dealings with family, friends, boss, partner. We have to value ourselves, to ensure that our happiness and success depend on nobody but ourselves.

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I highly recommend this book for making us think about realities beyond our own, making us consider how we can contribute to changing realities we often turn our backs on.



A fantastic novel, very well researched, very well written, very well described. Her characters come to life and make you feel part of them, her words leave their mark on the reader.

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#Shakti in the media

In its pages glamour, exoticism, mythology and the great characters of India’s present-day history form a perfect conjunction.



Join the #IKEEPHER movement.

#Shakti is a highly entertaining novel with a noble purpose: to create awareness of the 45 million girls missing in India, according to the United Nations data. Post the hashtag #IKEEPHER to raise awareness around this sad reality and start changing it. Do you want to join?

10% of this book’s profits go to projects which help girls in India. #Shakti wants to support the NGO Childrights in its project Casa para los Bebés.

"You finish reading it with a smile on your face, even though the underlying theme is very serious, real and troubling."


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"#Shakti is a window which allows us to learn about the most luxurious places in India."


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